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Director's  Welcome

"Creativity plays such an enormous part in the development of children’s brains, and the more that art is sidelined in schools, the more important it is that companies such as Cygnets exist to keep that creativity alive.

Our long term vision is to have a branch of Cygnets in every area of the UK. We believe that our unique projects and way of teaching should be available to all children: to educate and advance artistic interest; give confidence, and inspire those who may not have considered themselves capable before."

Tabby Booth

“Our kids joined the incredible art adventure with Cygnets four years ago and their enthusiasm has not faded even as they have become teenagers! Every lesson is unique and gives them an opportunity to try new techniques, new mediums and to create amazing work. This has not only been an artistic inspiration for both of them, but they enjoy the positive emotions from the atmosphere that the teachers create. These lessons are the most precious hour of every week, full of hard work and good laughs."


Our  Ethos

As screens and technology become more and more a part of our lives in the modern world, the opportunity to get lost in the simple joy of drawing, painting and making is so very important for children and adults alike. We believe that our unique projects and way of teaching should be available to all children throughout the UK: to educate and advance artistic interest, and inspire those who may not have even considered art before.


In-Person Classes

Online Courses

How we  Teach

Cygnets teach traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, & professional quality materials. Our step-by-step teaching method means we're able to cover advanced subjects, even with our youngest students. Each project covers a new technique or medium, and is carefully designed to impart core skills that can be used for a lifetime.


"My daughter loves her Art Class - it's not only fun, she's learnt a lot and her drawing has really improved since she started. She's always happy and enthused at the end of the session, and has some really impressive work to take away." 

- Natalie (Parent)


The UK’s Only Fine Art School Franchise for Children

Ever dreamt of owning your own art school? 

A Cygnets franchise provides everything you need to set up and run amazing art classes in your area. Become part of an established brand and creative community, with the potential to earn a six-figure income from a part-time business.

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