A 5-part course exclusively using charcoal, pencil and ink. In this short course you will learn how to use charcoal and sketching pencils in a number of ways to create images full of depth and tone. This is a must have for any inspiring artist!


These projects are suitable for ages 6+ with material packs included! The video projects are taught step by step just like they would be in class, allowing students to take them at their own pace. Help and advice is available from our profesional teachers. Teachers are based in the UK.

Adventures in Shading Course


In this pack the projects are:

  • Sketching a Hand From Life With Pencil and Ink
  • Sketching Cylindrical Objects with Charcoal
  • Charcoal Chicken
  • Charcoal Deer
  • Pencil Tone Elephant

Cygnets is an art school franchise based in the UK for ages 6-106. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional skills such as drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

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