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Please note this is the add-on materials package for 'Super Springtime 3' online course. To purchase the course, you will need to add this to your basket separately from the Courses page.


This enormous package of art materials includes everything you will need for the projects, and more! This package includes:


• A3 Watercolour Paper (10 Sheets)

• A3 Cartridge Paper (10 Sheets)

• Sketching Pencil Set (4 Pencils HB-6B)

• Charcoal

• Rubber

• Sharpener

• Masking Tape

• Brush Set (4 Brushes)

• Collapsible Water Pot

• Soft Pastels (Set of 25)

• Fixative Spray

• Gouache Paint Set

• Acrylic Paint Set

• Palette

• Air Dry Clay (2 Packs)

• Modelling Tools

• Fineliner Pens (Set of 5)

• Stackable Watercolour Set

• Black Ink

• Pink Ink

• Green Ink

• Watercolour Pencils

• Dip Pen & Nibs


Please note that packages can take upto 10 working days to arrive. 




If the project requires the use of a scalpel and/ or can of fixative spray, these should NOT be used by anyone under the age of 18. 

We also reccomend all particpants wear messy clothes/ an apron during the projects, and cover the surface they're working on.


Prices include VAT.

Materials Pack for 'Super Springtime 3' Online Course

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