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Our Terms & Conditions


  • Your child’s place on a Cygnets class or course is booked and paid for using the online booking system.

  • If an enquiry is made via telephone, email, contact form, or in person, you will be directed to fill in the online booking form. All places will only be secure once the online booking has been completed, and full payment has been received. Until this is complete, the place is not secured and may be offered to another party.


  • Responsibility for the details of bookings and payment lies with the person making the initial booking. Places are allocated on a strictly first come first served basis. 

  • If the Cygnets class or course you require is fully booked, you will be placed on a waiting list. In the event of a space becoming available, Cygnets will contact you via email or phone. 

  • If for any reason, a participant withdraws from a Cygnets class/ course after being accepted, Cygnets reserves the right to withhold the full class/ course fee. This also applies to sickness.

Re-Enrolment & Cancellation

  • Term Time Courses are paid on a monthly subscription basis from the initial booking. 

  • If joining before the 1st of the month, and attending classes in that time, you will be charged for these classes in addition to your initial monthly payment.

  • Term Time bookings can only be made for a minimum of one whole term, unless joining Cygnets for the first time partway through a term, when the booking must be made for a minimum of the remainder of that whole term. 

  • Unless Cygnets is otherwise notified in writing by the parent at least 30 days before the start date of the next term, the student is automatically re-enrolled onto the new term. 

  • If you do not notify Cygnets that a student will not be attending the next term at least 30 days before its start date, Cygnets reserves the right to withhold 25% of the course fee (1 monthly payment) for the next term.


  • All accounts must be paid in full, in advance, by the deadline given, for the participant to attend any Cygnets service. Until payment has been received, the place is not secured and may be offered to another party.

Arrival & Departure

  • Each participant will be signed in and out at the start and end of each class, on the register provided by the teacher. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they always comply with these procedures, and inform the teacher at the beginning of the class if any person other than themselves will be signing the student out. 

  • Parents may only leave the classroom once the register has been signed.

  • If a student is to arrive and leave Cygnets classes on their own, parents must inform Cygnets of this in writing beforehand.

  • All students must arrive no earlier than five minutes before the start of the class, and be collected no later than five minutes after a session. Cygnets is unable to supervise students before or after these times.

Programme Changes

  • Cygnets reserves the right to change course specifications and teaching staff wherever necessary. 

  • In the unlikely event of a class or course being cancelled for any reason, customers will be informed as soon as possible, and sent the online version of that project/ projects for students to complete from home.

Personal Property

  • All personal property is the participants’ responsibility. Expensive and/or treasured items should not be brought to Cygnets classes. 

  • Suitable “messy” clothing or an apron/ art smock should always be worn.

Meals and Snacks

  • Participants are advised to bring their own water-based drinks and snacks to Cygnets classes with their name clearly labelled. Please note that Cygnets classes are NUT-FREE ZONES and any nut based products brought into the premises will be confiscated and returned to parents at the end of the class.

Health and Injuries

  • Students participate at their own risk and parents are obliged to inform Cygnets and its staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions upon booking. In regards to the term time courses, all application forms must have any known medical conditions stated and any changes to such information must be notified to Cygnets immediately in writing.

  • Any medication left on the premises must be clearly labelled and the student should, unless Cygnets has agreed in writing otherwise, be able to administer it themselves.

  • If a student is unwell or has an accident requiring emergency treatment, the parent will be contacted via the emergency contact details provided when booking. These numbers must always be contactable whilst the student is attending the Cygnets activity.

  • Parents are solely responsible for ensuring that the emergency contact details on Cygnets' records are up to date. These can be updated via your Class4Kids account.


  • During Cygnets classes, photographs and videos may be taken of participants during activities. These images may be used for publicity purposes in an image, on video, on our website, or in printed publications. Parents must let Cygnets know upon booking if they would like their child/children to be excluded from any photographs/ videos.

Equal Opportunities

  • We consider language, behaviour or action that is designed to be offensive or creates discrimination or disruption to any user of a Cygnets service or member of staff, unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If any behaviour at Cygnets is considered inappropriate, the offending pupil or pupils will be given a clear warning. If the behaviour persists, and is considered to be affecting the equilibrium of the class, then a parent will be contacted either during or after the class, and the pupil asked to leave and/or not return.


  • Cygnets endeavours to satisfy all our valued participants. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please tell us and we will make every effort to rectify matters.

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