"The highlight of our son's week for five consecutive years, was his weekly art class at Cygnet's Art School. He instantly bonded with the teachers, thrived under their instruction, and found a time and place every week that he could escape into a colourful and uplifting world of drawing, painting and sculpting. Various topics and techniques were explored each term, and he has developed such a love of art, that it has become such an important part of his life - he always has a sketch on the go."

Samantha (Parent)

"This is a wonderful school offering both term time regular classes for children and occasional (holiday) classes for those who want to dip in and out. The classes are age appropriate and exceptionally well planned and taught. My 10 yr old son comes out every week with a piece of work he is really proud of and the desire to go back as soon as possible. I am very impressed with the way the school has quickly adapted to offering online classes - they are brilliant. An exciting pack of equipment arrived in the post first which was really fun to receive." Pippy (Parent)

"Friendly staff, really informative tuition and the online program put together for Easter and continuing during the current lockdown has opened up brilliant new possibilities for children, adults and carers across Kingston!" Dave (Parent)

"I searched far and wide to find for an art class to fan the flame of my daughter’s emerging interest. When a friend recommended Cygnets, I felt like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Offering a unique apprentice-like experience, Cygnets gives all its budding artists an empowered sense of what they are capable of and helps them harness their creative instincts. Highly recommend!" 

Mary (Parent)

"Lessons of a high quality. Friendly staff. The online lessons during the COVID 19 situation have been very well organised. My daughter loved the session on sketching hands this weekend." Karen (Parent)

"My 5 year old and I have been slowly working through the Easter projects despite FT work, homeschooling, toddler at home etc and it has been so relaxing and satisfying to produce good art during this stressful period - thanks for the lovely materials and helpful videos." Sherene (Parent)

"Cygnet School is an amazing drawing club for children. The drawing, paintings, and other creative works the children are able to make are absolutly astonishing. Well done to the team and I would highly recommend their service. The Easter term via video tutorials was brilliant in particular and our daughter is very much looking forward to continue the journey with Cygnet School." Severine (Parent)

"I recommend it because my daughter (12) loves it!" Tsveta (Parent)

"Thank you for your stunning and beautiful Art School Online ! So professional and pedagocical tuitions. It is amazing what kids can produce. My son is learning lots of different drawing's technics using a great diversity of materials. He loves it !
Congratulation to all the team, you 're doing an amazing job. I highly recommend those Cygnet Art School."
Kevin (Parent)

"Our kids joined the incredible art adventure with Cygnets four years ago and their enthusiasm has not faded even as they have become teenagers! Every lesson is unique and gives them an opportunity to try new techniques, new mediums and to create amazing work. This has not only been an artistic inspiration for both of them, but they enjoy the positive emotions from the atmosphere that the teachers create. These lessons are two of the most precious hours of every week, full of hard work and good laughs." Julia (Parent)

"Jasper has been going to Cygnets for over four years now and he absolutely loves it.

Every session he works with young, talented and enthusiastic artists, who have shared their knowledge and expertise over the years. So much so, Jasper is now drawing things, which he would have struggled with if he hadn’t been to Cygnets."

Sarah (Parent)

"Quality tuition, highly responsive, caring and creative team. We love it!" Cecelia (Parent)

"I’ve seen the differences in my daughter's art that comes out of her school classes, classes at Orleans House and your classes, and I can tell the quality of the teaching must make a big difference to the result."

Hugo (Parent)

"My 2 children, aged 6 and 8, are attending weekly after school art classes and they love it. I'm so proud of the beautiful art they've been producing. This is not just another place to keep your kids busy, but an authentic place to learn and grow in art. I would recommend Cygnets to everyone." 

Tatiana (Parent)

"Excellent opportunities to develop real art skills and creativity." 

Lucy (Parent)

"Thanks so much for coming over to our house to give the kids an art lesson. It was

wonderful to see the children so engaged right from the very beginning, and holding the attention of children ranging in ages from 5 - 8 for the whole hour was incredible. The kids were very chatty about their experiences to guests who came over and loved the class from start to finish. We will definitely be re-booking again in the future.  So very happy we found you."  

Sharon (Parent)

"My daughter loves her Art Class - it's not only fun, she's learnt a lot and her drawing has really improved since she started. She's always happy and enthused at the end of the session, and has some really impressive work to take away." 

Natalie (Parent)

Fabulous way to involve children who may not be so interested in art."

Archana (Parent)

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