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Cygnets Art School

The UK's Only Fine Art School Franchise

Term Time Classes, Holiday Workshops & Private Tuition for Ages 5+

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How we  Teach

Cygnets teach traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, & professional quality materials. Our step-by-step teaching method means we're able to cover advanced subjects, even with our youngest students. Each project covers a new technique or medium, and is carefully designed to impart core skills that can be used for a lifetime.

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Now Booking for Autumn Term 2024:

'Habitats and Homes'

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Now Booking for Summer Holidays 2024:

'Around the World'

Art Classes for Kids

Are you keen for your child to develop creatively? Are you looking for a new activity that will occupy your children, whilst also learning life-long skills? Art promises a plethora of benefits for kids. An amazing form of self-expression, it encourages imaginative thinking; enhances mental health, and develops fine motor control. Plus above all – it’s incredibly fun!


If you’re looking for art classes for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Cygnets Art School is a dedicated fine art school for children. We teach a wide range of art forms focused on traditional drawing and sculpture. 

Art Lessons for Children

Extracurricular activities play a crucial role in a child’s overall development. In addition to learning a new skill, they also help kids develop self-confidence; make new friends, and explore diverse interests. 


Are you searching for a creative and engaging activity for your children? Cygnets Art School is proud to present art lessons exclusively curated for kids. Whether they want to improve their skills, or try art for the first time, we offer lessons for all capabilities. From holiday workshops to private classes, it’s easy to find a suitable lesson for your children.  

Get in Touch

Cygnets Art School is proud to offer fantastic art classes for children. With a huge range of techniques and mediums to explore, our art classes are designed to inspire creativity and teach new skills. If you are looking for a fun holiday, weekend, or after-school activity, art lessons are the perfect option. Sign up today.

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Why Cygnets

Cygnets is the only Fine Art School Franchise for children in the UK. We are not an art club, but a real Art School, where students learn professional-level techniques and skills in a step-by-step way that can be remembered and repeated beyond the classroom.

What our Customers say

"The highlight of our son's week for five consecutive years, was his weekly art class at Cygnet's Art School. He instantly bonded with the teachers, thrived under their instruction, and found a time and place every week that he could escape into a colourful and uplifting world of drawing, painting and sculpting. Various topics and techniques were explored each term, and he has developed such a love of art, that it has become such an important part of his life - he always has a sketch on the go."

- Samantha

"My 2 children, aged 6 and 8, are attending weekly after school art classes and they love it. I'm so proud of the beautiful art they've been producing. This is not just another place to keep your kids busy, but an authentic place to learn and grow in art. I would recommend Cygnets to everyone."

- Tatiana

"I searched far and wide to find for an art class to fan the flame of my daughter’s emerging interest. When a friend recommended Cygnets, I felt like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Offering a unique apprentice-like experience, Cygnets gives all its budding artists an empowered sense of what they are capable of and helps them harness their creative instincts. Highly recommend."

- Mary

Our Students' Work


The UK’s Only Fine Art School Franchise for Children

Ever dreamt of owning your own art school? 

A Cygnets franchise provides everything you need to set up and run amazing art classes in your area. Become part of an established brand and creative community, with the potential to earn a six-figure income from a part-time business.

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